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New Jersey Casinos to Include Social Casino Games to Boost Revenues

New Jersey Casinos to Include Social Casino Games to Boost Revenues

The struggling casino industry in New Jersey has tried many different things to turn around the tide and start seeing an increase in revenues instead of declining revenues year-on-year. Some casinos started to work closely together with online companies to boost revenues, while others are trying a different approach to attract more land-based visitors.


Now the New Jersey Gaming Regulators are looking into adding skill-based casino games to the casinos, such as Candy Crush. These games could be integrated into slot machines or online slots and attract a younger crowd, who currently doesn't play a lot in land-based casinos or slots due to them feeling that its for the older crowd.


Something needs to be done soon to turn things around, as the past 8 years has seen a 40% decline in revenues in Atlantic City. If an agreement can be reached with popular skill-games that can be integrated, the New Jersey Gaming Division is willing to fast-track approvals so the games can be integrated much faster than usual.

News by Daniel Allermand
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