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New Casinos In New York State Find The Gaming Industry Market Stiff

New Casinos In New York State Find The Gaming Industry Market Stiff

The three new state-licensed casinos that opened less than a year ago are already facing problems. The business of the newly opened casinos is failing following a boom-bust pattern in other states that allow or enlarge gambling. The gaming industry market appears to be totally saturated.

According to the Laura McAllister Cox, Rush Street Gaming, the industry will eventually undergo a period of right-sizing.

After the approval of the constitutional change that allowed the state to license up to seven non-Indian casinos to in the state; River, Tioga, and del Lago opened up four years ago. While, Montreign, the fourth such casino is still under construction.

The representatives from the three venues spoke at a conference on Wednesday which included lawyers and lobbyists seeking to shape the gaming law and regulations as the attendees.

According to the attendees, it was natural for the business owners to talk about the challenges faced by them and ask for tax breaks or protection from competition. The state lawmakers said earlier that they would help gaming operators who can prove they are struggling.

Jeff Gural, who owns the Tioga Downs Casino, said the competition is good for the customer. "We are all fighting for the same customer," he said.