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Nevada wants online casino and gambling too

Nevada wants online casino and gambling too

At the end of 2012, Nevada legalized and regulated online poker throughout the state. In 2013, New Jersey and Delaware decided to legalize online poker, casino gaming and gambling. Now, questions arise on whether Nevada should follow suit offering legalized online gambling too or if it should just limit itself to online poker.

The chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, A.G. Burnett, has stated previously that there are no plans to expand into online gambling and casino games before a proper study into the real impact of online poker in the local market has been conducted. "Nevada is poker only. That was the legislative intent from the beginning and the board has no plans to do anything otherwise", he said.

Democratic Majority Floor Leader for Nevada, William Horne, says that current Nevada law does not hinder the introduction of online gambling and casino games. He says it does only prohibit wagering on sports and horse racing. With backing from the Gaming Control Board, Horne intends to write and introduce a proposal to allow Nevada to offer online gambling and compete in the same level as New Jersey and Delaware.

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