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Nevada considering changes in online gaming

Nevada considering changes in online gaming

For the few months that legal online gaming has been available in Nevada things seem to going well but the Gaming Control Board is in no rush to expand into any other type of card games. The board has said it is considering applying changes to the current regulations. A.G. Burnett, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board said: “We’re only six months into poker. For now, we want to prove out poker first.”

Whatever the stance the board adopts, it seems for now the name of the game is waiting. Currently there are only two legal online gaming sites up and running: Ultimate Poker and WSOP but the board is not planning on granting any new licenses until the current site's technology has been carefully tested and analyzed by independent testing organizations as well as the GCB's own laboratory.

According to Burnett, “Nevada is poker only. That was the legislative intent from the beginning and the board has no plans to do anything otherwise.” In a few days Delaware will be offering legal online gaming, just like Nevada. And in November, New Jersey will also launch its own regulated online gambling. Unlike Nevada, both Delaware and New Jersey will be offering casino games along with poker.

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