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Nevada Casinos See A Decline In Revenue By 1.7%

Nevada Casinos See A Decline In Revenue By 1.7%

Casinos in Nevada have reported a decline in the revenue figures by 1.7% as compared to its July 2016 stats. The casinos have been experiencing a constant decline in table game revenues in Nevada, yet they managed to make $998m for July, which sits a little below the $1 billion mark.

Looking at the brighter picture, the figures suggest a rise in earnings by $100,000 more from that in June 2017.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, on Wednesday released a report of July totals indicating gains. The reality looks slightly more than different, as the Strip sees a decline in revenue by 7.7% compared year-to-year basis. The casinos on the Strip reported earnings of $565.6 million for the month.

A rise of 19% in the revenue of Craps was seen in July which was around $40.4 million. The casinos saw the gaming revenue increase because of the World Series of Poker, but it was only by a minimal margin of 1% to 12.4 million.