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“My Number” ID Card System To Monitor Japan’s Casino Use

My Number ID Card System To Monitor Japan s Casino Use

Japan is deciding on a monitoring system and limiting the frequency of visits, instead of going for an outright ban on its citizens visiting casinos.

Japan’s recently introduced identity card system would be used by casino operators to know the number of visits and identity of the person. This came up as a suggestion In a recent meeting of Integrated Resorts Promotion Secretariat, a panel of experts advising the government on how to best roll out casino gaming.

This would also enable the casino regulator, which would soon be established to keep player-tracking records to monitor player behaviour.

A twelve-digit number identity card system, “My Number” was introduced by the government last year, which was given out to all the Japanese citizens and foreign nationals who are the residents of the country for more than 3 months.

With the help of this card, the casino would be required to prohibit the underage and members of criminal groups from entering the premises. Casinos would also be liable to bar the entry of problem gamblers, identified by themselves or their families.

Although, while all the residents and nationals have been assigned the numbers only 10 % of the population possess the cards which are crucial for the scheme.