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Missouri's Casino Revenues Declining - Negative Effect on Society

Missouri's Casino Revenues Declining Negative Effect on Society

The casino revenues in Missouri is seeing a sharp decline, which has caused problems other places in the state. Casino revenues means more taxes which is being set aside for public schools, nursing homes and similar services from the state, but now the funding are far from enough as the casinos in the state have fewer and fewer visitors.

The state is now looking towards finding an alternative solution to fund these activities, as they are not sure if the shortfall in revenues are due to the cold winter or simply due to the people not wanting to gamble as much anymore.

Missouri gets revenue from the casino two different ways, one is by receiving a part of the per-patron casino fee and the other comes from the state tax on the profits the casino makes. These two revenues supports public schools and 7 nursing homes that takes care of 1,.350 war veterans.

"We do have a problem in the veterans funding that has kind of gotten away from us," Rick Stream, House Budget Chairman Representative said.   "We are going to have to address it for this year's budget."

A recent report from Missouri's Gaming Commission shows that the casino's in the state has had a 9% decline in revenues in the first seven months of the fiscal year, when compared to last year's numbers. 

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