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Missouri Casino Undertakes Rebranding Campaign

Missouri Casino Undertakes Rebranding Campaign

The St. Jo Frontier Casino has begun a rebranding strategy process that will hopefully bring its revenues back on track. This fiscal year’s figures show only 1% gain ($26.6 million), and on top of all, the Missouri Gaming Commission has reduced the total adjusted gross revenue forecast for the gaming establishment by $100,000 to $3.4 million.

The casino’s new image will rely on enhanced customer service and a feedback program to retain patrons. Essentially, the initiative goes under the slogan of “Where Everybody Knows Your Game” and features new employee uniforms, advertising billboards and a revamped food and beverage list.

Games have also been improved as part of the remake effort. Jim Simms, the casino’s general manager, reported the addition of video poker to the floor as well as the introduction of an enhanced color scheme to slot machines. According to him, the St. Jo Frontier Casino operates with cutting-edge equipment that is bound to provide guests with an unparalleled experience.

Affinity Gaming, the parent owner of the gambling parlor, announced a net revenue of over $375 million for 2016.