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Massachusetts Woman Sentenced To One Year in Prison For Cheating $78,000 Off Mohegan Sun Casino

Massachusetts Woman Sentenced To One Year in Prison For Cheating 78 000 Off Mohegan Sun Casino

A woman from Massachusetts has been sentenced to serve a year in prison for cheating a casino of $78,000 in fraudulent blackjack winnings in a scheme with the casino’s card dealer in August 2015.

The 38-year-old, Marlene Rivera was facing three years behind bars at the time of her sentencing. Rivera pleaded guilty to the first-degree robbery charges, which is a felony. The Judge on Tuesday sentenced her to one year in prison, followed by five years of probation.

As per the documents filed in the court, the card dealer at Mohegan Sun Casinos, New London, Connecticut, Roy Mariano, gave the woman extra chips every time she won at Blackjack. According to the court, Rivera gave a part of her winnings to Mariano.

Jerome Paun, Rivera’s attorney, mentioned that she had a long history of substance abuse that led her to such actions and she’s been trying all that she can do. He also added that Rivera has successfully undergone drug treatment and therapy. He further stated that she knows and realises that she didn’t do the right thing.

Rivera added that she has been sober for two years and regretted her action. The judge was unwilling to suspend Rivera’s entire sentence seeing her record of thefts. She is also supposed to pay back the casino the amount she took and is prohibited from entering the casinos in the state.

Mariano, on the other hand, did not plead guilty to the first-degree of a felony. According to the court, his case is pending to be heard.