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Massachusetts Gambling Called Off?

Massachusetts Gambling Called Off?

Back in 2011 a bill was passed that allowed for casinos to be built within the state of Massachusetts in an attempt to bring in more money. After the bill was passed several companies put in bids to build casinos and licenses were awarded for big resorts, but not it all seems to be crumbling down, FoxNews reports.

“The promises of revenue and jobs don’t hold up,” John Ribiero, chairman of the Repeal the Casino Deal campaign said, as a citizen-initiated ballot was launched to reverse this highly disputed bill.

The arguments against casinos include a rising crime rate, small business can’t compete and ultimately the entire local economy will suffer under these to-be-built mega resorts.

Peopling wanting to protect their communities is one of the biggest arguments that Ribiero uses, and it’s understandable considering how many states have fallen to the idea that casinos can benefit a state.

The city of Springfield, Mass has however approved an $800 million MGM development, which can create up to 3,000 jobs in the struggling community. Proponents of the casinos in Massachusetts state that the new resort could bring in not only jobs but also $17.6 million in tax revenue, which can be used for public schooling, libraries, public safety and economic development.