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Maryland Horseshoe Casino Creates 1,700 Jobs

Maryland Horseshoe Casino Creates 1 700 Jobs

In the late summer of 2014 a new Horseshoe casino will open its doors in Baltimore, Maryland and there are more job openings than ever before in this city riddled with unemployment. The jobs casinos are creating in the greater Baltimore area can be a blessing to the city that currently looks at 8.5% unemployment.

The report in the Washington Post calls the recent developments in Maryland ‘an employment jackpot’, as the casinos are working around the clock to fill the current void on their payroll. The new Horseshoe casino that’s being built as we speak comes at a cost of $442 million, creating about 2,000 temporary construction jobs as crews work almost around the clock to complete the project in time.

Baltimore, a city of about 620,000 people and a metropolitan area of almost 2.6 million, already saw 7,500 people apply for a job in the newly built casino. The mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake praised the Horseshoe casino in a recent outing when she called its effort ‘unprecedented’ and she was very pleased with the amount of outreach.

The new Horseshoe casino will feature about 100 tables and a World Series of Poker branded poker room. Rival casino Maryland Live! plans to hire even more dealers to put its total at 1,000, who make anywhere between $45,000 and $55,000 annually, including tips. It’s not know what dealers at the Horseshoe will be making, but it’s safe to say the casino business will provide a enormous boost for the state of Maryland during these desperate economic times.