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Man Wins $10 Million Jackpot At The Fiesta Henderson Casino

Man Wins 10 Million Jackpot At The Fiesta Henderson Casino

A slot player earned a $10 million prize from the Megabucks progressive slot game at Fiesta Henderson Casino, located near the south end of the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The casino offers a 70,000 sq foot gaming floor along with other luxurious amenities.

The winner identified as Roger, who had recently moved to the area from Palm Beach, Florida. Roger told the Review-Journal he often visits the same slot game. On his Saturday visit, he won $20 on his first spin after which he won the jackpot by playing for four more turns.

Roger said he knew won something on his fourth spin; five Megabucks eagles had lined up on the reels. Though, Roger wasn’t sure of the winning amount; he was in disbelief that he had won the jackpot until someone came up to him to convey the same.

The exact amount of the jackpot came to $10,192,523.88. The winner wants to keep his winning private and said he wouldn’t feel like a winner unless he receives the money in his bank account.