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Man Killed In Attempted Robbery At the Hon-Dah Resort Casino

Man Killed In Attempted Robbery At the Hon Dah Resort Casino

In a second such violent incident in about a month at the White Mountain Apache Tribe-owned resort and casino, a man was shot dead during a failed armoured car robbery attempt at the Hon-Dah Resort Casino and Conference Centre on Monday morning at 10 a.m.

According to the officials at the FBI’s Phoenix Office and Bureau of Indian Affairs, a cash courier was approached by a man, while making a stop at the Hon-Dah Resort Casino. The man sprayed her eyes with an unknown chemical irritant.

The courier responded by pulling out her gun and shooting the man on the spot. The man fell at the casino entrance and died after some time. The two eye-witnesses told the enforcement officers that while they were entering the casino, they saw the lifeless body of the man lying on the floor at the front doors of the casino. They also saw the female cash courier, standing next to his body with the weapon in her hand.

Nobody else was reportedly injured in the shooting, and there are no other suspects in the attempted robbery.

The cash carrier was doing OK and was treated on the scene. The name of the deceased man is yet to be released by the FBI.