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Man Arrested for Using Invisible Ink in Casino

Man Arrested for Using Invisible Ink in Casino

We all heard the stories about people going into a casino and one way or another tries to cheat, in order to be able to beat the casino for big money. While there are some that got away with it, a man from New Jersey probably cannot say that he is very good at it, as he got caught trying to cheat - And it's not the first time.

The man, Bruce Koloshi, who comes from Summit, New Jersey, went into Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut and decided that he wanted to use invisible ink on the poker cards to gain an edge and thus win money. The problem for him was that the ink was visible through the security camera's when they switched to black and white instead of colour and the security team took him in and got him arrested.

Once arrested and put in front of a judge, Koloshi pleaded guilty to having used invisible ink on the cards. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison, but as he had already been there for 10 months prior to the conviction, he was actually free once the sentence had been sentenced.

55-year-old Koloshi has been caught cheating in Nevada, Illinois and Iowa, where he has been charged and convicted of gaming crimes. Meanwhile he is being charged in Louisiana for the same, so maybe it's about time he learns to cheat properly, as the security at Mohegan Sun said it was easy to see he was marking the cards at the poker table he was playing. Koloshi could see the invisible ink by having a special set of contact lenses on his eyes.

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