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Man Arrested for Mass Shooting Threat at Las Vegas Casino

Man Arrested for Mass Shooting Threat at Las Vegas Casino

An Ohio man threatens to stage mass shooting at a Las Vegas casino where his estranged wife works. The 28-year-old, identified as Wei Li, was arrested after being charged in a criminal complaint, and later transferred from police custody to federal authorities.

According to the FBI release, Li bragged about intended shootings to go down in history for which he would blame his wife for all the deaths. The criminal complaint also mentions Wei completing a “dry run” at the casino without security having a notice. None of the casinos was mentioned in the complaint.

As per the authorities, the suspect made the threats through text messages sent to his wife from November 6 - 9. Department release also confirmed that Wei Li threatened to carry out a mass shooting at a church with at least 1,000 people in attendance.

According to court documents, Wei sent a death threat to his wife through text messages saying he would kill her and also said “everybody involved would have problems” if he did not get his green card. Li had sent his wife photographs of himself with a rifle and knives, claims

Li confessed sending the texts to his wife but said he did not intend to carry out the shootings. During the questioning, Li was asked to unlock his phone, and on doing so he started to delete text messages before investigators could stop him. At that point, he was arrested and taken into custody. While searching his home, the authorities did not find any firearms.

Li was charged on the grounds of interstate threatening communications and destruction of evidence and was transferred into federal custody on Nov. 16.

This threat has come just after a month of mass shooting incident at the country music concert in Las Vegas by gunman Stephen Craig Paddock which killed 58 and left 500 wounded.