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Macau Legislators Consider Revised Casino Smoking Legislation

Macau Legislators Consider Revised Casino Smoking Legislation

Coming in the middle of the time when the government is facing the criticism of being inconsiderate towards the health concerns of the players and casino staff seriously, Macau legislators are considering revised legislation that would change the smoking of tobacco rules in the 30 gambling establishments within the city.

The 33 member Legislative Assembly will hold a second reading of proposed legislation on Friday. If the bill is passed, it will ban smoking in any area of a casino that offers to gamble and restricts the activity solely to smoking lounges that would be free from games.

If enacted the legislation would come into force from January 1, until then the casinos would have time to put any “smoking lounges” to be updated with the new standards.

In October 2014, tobacco on mass-market casino floors was banned that didn’t include the smoking rooms; these prohibitions didn’t cover VIP gaming areas. According to a note published by JP Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Limited the full ban on smoking while gambling would affect the Macau casinos revenue bringing them down by  5%.