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Macau Casinos Donate $7 Million Towards Typhoon Hato Relief Funds

Macau Casinos Donate 7 Million Towards Typhoon Hato Relief Funds

Macau casinos Melco Resorts and Wynn Resorts have donated $7 million combined towards the relief efforts after the Typhoon Hato in Southern China and Macau with winds of up to 129mph, causing mass devastation, killing twelve people and injuring more than 153 people.

Both the resorts donated a sum of $3.75m each.

Melco Resorts and entertainment announced that the two-thirds of its donation would go to their employees and their families and the remaining would be utilised for rebuilding the community completely.

The company further confirmed that it is trying to set up a committee which will see the allocation of the funds to the people that need it the most.

Wynn Resorts is splitting its relief fund between Macau and Texas, after the devastating Hurricane Harvey hit the state, donating $3.75m to relief efforts in Macau and another $3.75m to Texas, two major cities with their employees.

Wynn Company will continue its volunteering efforts, where many of the company employees distributed water and supplies to the locals and assisted in cleaning up and help in rebuilding the affected neighbourhoods.