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Macau casino reopens after two-weeks shut down due Coronavirus menace

Macau casino reopens after two weeks shut down due Coronavirus menace

Macau casinos which are known as the world’s biggest gambling hub will finally reopen on Thursday. After being shut-down for two weeks because of the deadly widespread of Coronavirus will once again open but on one condition. To keep everyone safe from the epidemic, all the punters and croupiers will have to wear a mask at the tables.

41 casinos in the Chinese territory will remain close

According to some casino executives and residents of Macau, the revenue will remain badly affected in the Chinese territory because of the health restrictions and strict entry regulations on tourists.

The fact that Macau derives over 80% of total revenues just from these casinos make the situation even more difficult as tourist are no longer visiting their favourite destination.

As per the casino’s authorities there is an extreme drop of visitors which is around 98 per cent with only 2,000 people visiting last week.  On the top of it, the Chinese government has also suspended an individual travel scheme through which visitors from the mainland gain entry and as curtailed transport, including the cancellation of ferry services from neighboring Hong Kong.

Casino staff surviving on payroll of $1.5 million to $2.6 million

The business is running out and people are trying harder to make their ends meet. Some casinos say that they are somehow bleeding between $1.5 million to $2.6 million on a daily basis to keep their staff on payroll and maintain contractual obligations.

So now, even though the government has finally decided to reopen the casinos this week, they have done this on great risk. In order to get everything back on track the govt. has issued strict rules which must be followed by everyone. Strict rules will be imposed like temperature checks, mask protection and health declarations for staff and guests in order to control the virus outbreak.