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Liberation Carnival to be Compressed to 4 days, Following Lack of Funds

Liberation Carnival to be Compressed to 4 days Following Lack of Funds

With the casino operations halted, causing lack of funds for the Liberation carnival, which would likely be compressed to 4 days a week. The entertainment would be only on the weekends.

The activities in the past were being funded by the Liberation Casino. This would be compensated by the Mayors’ Council, by working with agencies that include Guam Economic Development Authority and the Guam Visitors Bureau.

The carnival is likely to start on June 21. The Mayors are receiving help from the governor to ensure all the Guam Liberation festivities like the carnival, the parade, will happen.

The controversy surrounded the Liberation Casino that resulted in senators unanimously passing an anti-gambling bill, to outlaw casino operations at the carnival.

Gov. Eddie Calvo had 10 days after the senators’ vote to make his decision, with his last day being Wednesday, failing to make a decision on the same the bill would pass into a law.

While the Guam Visitors Bureau will assist with entertainment, the GEDA will assist the council in putting the July 21 parade and stage together.