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Las Vegas Sands Hacked

Las Vegas Sands Hacked

One of the world's largest casino operator companies, Las Vegas Sands, owned by Sheldon Adelson, has reportedly suffered a hacker attack targetted at the company's website and at employee's personal data and information.

Apparently, the hackers, which are as of yet unknown to authorities, seized control over the main website of the Las Vegas Sands Casino and Resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The hackers also posted notes and messages criticizing the company's CEO Sheldon Adelson, who is a fierce opponent of online gambling in the United States but who is also a fierce supporter of Israel and its position against Iran and it's nuclear program.

The hacker attack could be linked to Adelson's constant involvement with politics and foreign affair issues. He has gone public stating that the USA should nuke Iran in order to prevent it from becoming a nuclear power itself. This could have prompted the attack by hackers.

The Sands corporation is collaborating with police and FBI in an effort to identify the hackers. The company has stated it is using private and external experts in order to asses the damage and prevent further attacks.