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Largest Counterfeit Chips Scammer Gets Over 7 Years in Jail

Largest Counterfeit Chips Scammer Gets Over 7 Years in Jail

Marina Bay Sands (MBS), Singapore was duped in what seems to be the largest counterfeit casino chip scam with S$1000 chips amounting to a total of S$1.291 million loss through 1291 counterfeit chips.

Toh Hock Thiam, the man behind the act could easily pull it off along with what is believed with two other accomplices.

This incident where the counterfeit chips were exchanged for cash at the casino place took back in November 2015 between 22nd and 23rd of November. Toh’s act could not be caught until a week after one of the cashiers caught some anomaly with one of the chip’s colour.

Following the incident Toh deposited a sum of $335,400 in his account and fled to Malaysia after 8 days, realising his act was caught. He was later nabbed on 31st December in Malaysia and handed over to the Singapore Police the next day. None of the stolen cash could be recovered.

Though he was seen in surveillance video exchanging 420 counterfeit chips, he was believed to be involved indirectly in the losses suffered by MBS.

Such speculations were drawn as it was realised that all the counterfeit chips were the same. The casino authorities claimed they were the best quality of counterfeit chips they had ever seen, which included some security features.

One of the accomplices, Seow helped Toh with the distribution of the chips and collection of money the other one, Chia helped in recruiting 16 runners. Yesterday Toh was sentenced seven years and four months while Seow and Chia got one and five years in jail respectively.

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