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Ladbrokes Pulls out of Norway, Switzerland and Hungary

Ladbrokes Pulls out of Norway Switzerland and Hungary

The mind games of regulated online gaming is at its highest level ever. More and more countries are talking about regulating the games to ensure that they get a cut of the massive amounts of money collected from rake and losses of players, but also to ensure that it is not crooked operators offering games.


While many countries has been talking about regulating online gaming, few has actually done anything about it yet. Still, many of the bigger operators begins to pull out of non-regulated markets who claims might wanting to regulate their online gaming and threatens those who offers games to their citizens before the regulation has been made.


This has left Ladbrokes with no other choice than to pull out of three decently sized markets which are Norway, Switzerland and Hungary. All three countries have either talked about regulating online gaming or completely banning it, which would hurt Ladbrokes if they had decided to stay.


Ladbrokes will no longer be serving new or existing customers from these territories and they will not do any marketing campaigns targeted at them either. Players who already have an account will be prompted to cash out their funds and find another place to play.

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