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Kentucky Reconsidering Casino Laws

Kentucky Reconsidering Casino Laws

Kentucky is on plans to propose new policies that could change the fact that it is the only state without any casinos.

As per the reports Representatives from Kentucky, Dennis Keene, D-Bedford, Rick Rand, and D-Wilder, introduced an amendment which asks for casinos in the state. The proposal seeks to have four stand-alone casinos along with six gambling facilities in the already existing state’s horse tracks. It will be up to the decision of the local community if they want a casino.

At present Kentucky faces issues with the $40 billion in pension, according to those advocating the proposal the casino seems to be a hope to help solve it. However, the relentless discussions on casinos in the legislative sessions have all gone into vain.

Rand and Keene both claim that the casinos would bring in $325 million in revenue as one-time fees and an additional $236 million per annum for the state. The proposal has yet to impress the Republican, Governor Matt Bevin who remains opposed to the idea.