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Keetoowah Cherokees Aim to Open Casino in Georgia

Keetoowah Cherokees Aim to Open Casino in Georgia

In an effort to reclaim its roots, an Oklahoma Indian tribe strives to go back to its home state of Georgia and set up a casino there.

The Keetoowah band of the Cherokee were forced to leave Georgia during the 1830s Trail of Tears.

According to federal legislation, their gambling endeavor has priority over any other similar undertakings. Gaming in Georgia is still pending legalization.

According to the tribe’s attorney Richard Lea, two casino companies are currently involved in negotiations on the prospective construction. An eventual partnership with the Indians is going to speed up the casino building process considerably. The land will need to be purchased by the winning bidder, and it will subsequently be declared sovereign in trust for the tribe.

Anile Locust, executive director of the tribe, is hopeful the Indians will achieve their goal. He said, “I’m not getting any younger. I would like to see the people flourish in my lifetime.”