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JOINGO Integrates with CasinoTrac Management System

JOINGO Integrates with CasinoTrac Management System

Mobile casino gaming company JOINGO has integrated its mobile applications suite with the CasinoTrac management system developed by Table Trac, Inc. Following this process, JOINGO users now can access personalized stats such as points balance, tier level and offers specially customized for them.

The integration took place at the WinnaVegas Casino Resort in Sloan, Iowa.

President and CTO of Table Trac, Inc. Chad Hoehne, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership which, in his opinion, would result in real ROI and cost savings for the company’s customers.

Kirk Olson, VP of Sales at JOINGO, joined in to share his enthusiasm about having CasinoTrac as JOINGO’s fifth CMS integration.

JOINGO’s proprietary mobile applications provide users with enhanced gaming features and stats. The company is based in San Jose, California.

Table Trac, Inc. deals with casino management products which automate gambling processes and help operators monitor their operations. The system has modules for promotion management, guest rewards, loyalty club, vault and cage management, as well as audit and accounting reports.