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Japan’s Second Casino Hearing In Osaka Comes To An End

Japan s Second Casino Hearing In Osaka Comes To An End

Japan’s second public hearing took place in Osaka at the end of last week, under the government’s proposal to hold a series of discussion. The talks are being carried out as to discuss, address the concerns of the public over the potential risks which could be the outcome of the growing casino industry in the country.

These series of talks are crucial for the gambling industry in Japan as newly outlined recommendations on how to regulate the sector were presented to the government by the Office of Integrated Resort Regime.

The Diet (Japanese Government) is all set to approve the recommendation in its autumn session, the likelihood of availability of the licenses and their approval for integrated resorts can come by the end of this year.

Tetsunari Yoshida, a city lawyers told the panel about the proposal and how it was inefficient to address a number of concerns. He raised his concerns over the proposal’s plan to charge an entrance fee and limit the entries would encourage the players to stay for longer hours in the casino, whenever they visit.

Many people are in support of the integrated resorts but are concerned over the proposed limit on the floor space. A reported solution was to limit the casino floor space rather than the whole site.

Osaka is ready to build and integrated resort and the city has reportedly drawn up plans to host an integrated resort on the Yumeshima Island in Osaka Bay.