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Japanese lawmakers have a casino plan

Japanese lawmakers have a casino plan

Starting 2013, news broke out of Japanese legislators looking to submit a bill to Parliament to legalize casino games and gambling in Japan. Now they have finally outlined a plan along with all major details on the proposed policy which would include the creation of an independent body to regulate gambling across the country.

The proposed bill will also include the importance of very high licensing criteria in order to keep criminal organizations off of all gambling related industries. The text on the bill reads: “The hurdles to enter the business should be set high. It should not be easy for anyone to get a license and participate in the industry. With proper regulation and enforcement of the law, there is absolutely no reason for casinos to become hotbeds of criminal activity.”

Ever since its economy started stagnating in the 90's, Japan has been looking for alternative ways to re-ignite its economy and that is where the change of attitude towards gambling came into place. Japan is now hoping it will also ride the new wave of opportunities in gambling which most of Asia seems to be enjoying.

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