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Japan mulls for legalizing casino gambling

Japan mulls for legalizing casino gambling

Japan's lower chamber of Parliament passed a controversial bill for regulating the setting up of integrated resorts that also includes casinos, on Tuesday.

This move clears a major hurdle in the way for the casino-operators who were finding it difficult expand their reach to Japan casino industry.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe aim introducing casinos within 'integrated resorts' which also includes conference rooms, hotels and event facilities claiming that this might fetch more tourists and boost the regional economy of Japan.

The Parliament would soon begin discuss in the Upper House and push for its enactment by extending the current Diet session beyond Wednesday. Usually the session goes on for 150-days.

However, the opposition parties including the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan would certainly want to block the bill in the House of Coluncilors.

 If enacted, the legislation would legalize casino gambling, which is banned under criminal law in the Japan territory.

The Casinos would most likely start opening from mid-2020s if the bill gets passed.

Bill proposes that the people living in Japan would be charged a ¥6,000 as an entrance fee, but the foreign visitors would be allowed to enter for free.

The legislation will be permitting casino facilities in up to three locations in the country, and it will restrict locals from entering casinos more than three times per week or 10 times per month.