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Japan Government to limit casino visits of its people

Japan Government to limit casino visits of its people

The Japanese government is planning to limit casino visits to 10 per month which would be tracked using My Number Identity cards. On Thursday, the government proposed a plan that would limit the number of times natives can enter casinos.

The plan is aimed to prevent people from becoming gambling addicts, but the proposal has already faced the brunt of the lawmakers of the Liberal Democratic Party. Few lawmakers of the party led by incumbent Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe have envisioned this restriction to be too stern.

A law implemented last year ended a ban on casinos in Japan with one condition- they should be a part of 'integrated resorts' that combines hotels and large event facilities, but the further legislations are yet to assert the guidelines of operation of these entertainment venues.

Amid conflict of opinions between the government and the ruling party of LDP and its coalition partner Komeito, the sides would have to negotiate before concluding anything.

Under the proposed legislation, up to three visits are allowed in seven days and one can make 10 visits in 28 days.

The people including the nationals and foreigner who live within the boundaries of Japan shall fall into the jurisdiction.

The Japanese government believes that this step would help the casinos to attract more foreign tourists to Japan as the limitations do not restrict foreign visitors from entering casinos.

The earlier legislation got approved and it legalized casino gambling. Now the lawmakers need to approve a separate bill which crafts the way of operation of the casino and also where they would be built.

The second bill would also introduce safe gambling measures which can mitigate the risks involving gambling addictions in a country that has already been engulfed in concerns regarding surge in the gambling rates.

A recent study by the Kurihama Medical and Addiction Centre at National Hospital Organization reveals, "3.2 million Japanese suffer from milder or heavier forms of problem gambling behavior."

The gambling legislation would determine the ways that Japan Government might prefer to bring in revenues from the gambling sector.

However, the ruling lawmakers have raised their concerns over the use of the identity cards for tracking, as their issuance rate stands at only about 10 percent, while some have said the area restrictions will make it difficult for operators to make a profit.