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Japan Considers Casinos to Speed up Post-Tsunami Recovery

Japan Considers Casinos to Speed up Post Tsunami Recovery

In 2011 a total of 11,000 people died or went missing during in the aftermath of the Tsunami that hit the Miyagi region extremely hard. Now, more than three years later, in an effort to further rebuild and attract more people to the troubled area local lawmakers are considering to allow casinos to be built.

Japan and the Japanese government has always been a strong opponent of casinos, staying that ‘profiting from other people’s misfortune’ is not something that should be allowed or advertised. Now these roles seem to be on the cusp of changing, as Japan needs money for the 2020 Olympics, and the region of Miyagi with 2.3 million people, needs money to further progress their economic situation.

Miyagi’s situated in a popular area for skiing and hot springs, but the tsunami wiped out most of the touristic spots. Because of this two-third of the 59 assemblymen in Miyagi back the plan for a casino in their region, most likely to be built near the Sendai airport.

The Japan Times also reports that there’s still a lot of skepticism towards casinos in Japan, but it seems to be just a matter of time before the market opens up. Japan is one of the biggest and most successful countries in the world economically, and therefor also one of the biggest untapped markets in the world for casino owners and businesses.

The recent success of a place like Macau shows that gambling in Asia is a hot topic and besides the local population there’s a big chance tourism will also increase if and when casinos are built.