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Jack Entertainment Fined $200,000 For Allowing Underage Patrons, And Security Issues

Jack Entertainment Fined 200 000 For Allowing Underage Patrons And Security Issues

Jack Entertainment has been fined for a $200,000 by the Ohio Casino Control Commission for allowing underage customers to enter the Cleveland casino and unauthorised employees accessing the computer management program of the Cleveland and Cincinnati casinos. The settlement was approved by the company by the commission on Wednesday.

According to the Jessica Franks, the commission spokeswoman, both the issues date back to last year soon after the Jack Entertainment got the ownership of the casinos from Caesar’s Entertainment Corp. Franks also said: "We found a number of cases where under-aged individuals were allowed on the property".

The commission said it understands the Cleveland Casino has many entrances that give the underage patrons a chance to enter the premises, but repeated occurrences of the incident are due to the lack in security training. Frank further added that “the security personnel were not following procedures that are supposed to be followed to screen out individuals."

The casino has reportedly 13 incidents from June to November of underage patrons entering the premises.

The other case involves the company allowing many employees to access the computer management program that allows the casinos to track the finances and player activities. "Only certain people should be able to enter and edit data", she said.

The fine collected would go to the state’s general fund.