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Italy Casinos Record Growth In August

Italy Casinos Record Growth In August

The four listed casinos in Italy have reported a positive growth during summer, as Italy embraces gaming industry. Northern Italy located Saint Vincent Casino made revenue of €5.4m alone in August, up by 10% from the last year in the same period.

Though slots showed a little drop but still managed to earn over €3m most the increase in the numbers was due to the traditional table games such as punto banco and roulette. In total, the revenue for first eight months this year for Saint Vincent is more than €38 million.

San Remo Casino reported a growth of 7.34% in August and generated over €5.6m in revenue. Roulette contributed significantly to the casino’s revenue; the roulette tables reported a rise of 296% on the year-to-year basis.

The slot revenues also reported a high of up to 2.45 percent, at €4.1m last month. In eight months the overall revenue generated was over €31m, up by 0.5 percent from the same period in 2016

Venice was the only venue that reported negative figures. Casino di Venezia earned €6.9m in revenue in August, down by 6 % compared to same period last year. Overall reported revenue for Casino di Venezia was down by 6.35% compared with the previous year.