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Isle Casino Facing Lawsuit Due to Overcharging Players

Isle Casino Facing Lawsuit Due to Overcharging Players

Customers playing the automated craps machine at the Isle Casino in Pompano Beach have complained about being systematically overcharged since 2012 when the machine was introduced at the casino.

“Organic Dice”, as the game table is named, should be deducting a 5% commission on each bet. However, attorneys working on the case conducted tests and found out that the casino had been working with larger percentages, charging them off the players’ winnings. Sometimes the money taken by the house was twice as much as the correct amount.

According to attorney Christina Pierson, there are no cases of abuse in other casinos using the same machine. Her colleague Daren Stabinski added, “Casinos are based on trust. It’s hard to believe a casino would allow this to happen.”

The court case foresees compensation for the players who have been overcharged by the casino. The class action litigation against the operator will be filed by its Fan Club members.

Representatives of the Isle Casino have refused to comment on the case.