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ISGA to set best practices principles

ISGA to set best practices principles

The International Social Games Association which includes such powerhouses as Bally, MGM and Zynga, have come together to define and put into action best practice principles for their industry. The ISGA has also initiated a process to research how social gaming networks affect and influence players.

In order to ensure consumer protection, reliability and security as well as transparency, the ISGA has come up with a list of best practices to adopt in this relatively new industry but already has enrolled over 300 million players. These best practices will ensure that standards are set in the following five categories:

  • Laws and Regulations
  • Player Privacy Appropriately Managed
  • Ethical Models in Advertising Campaigns
  • Transparent Functionality
  • Responsible Treatment of Purchases and Payments

ISGA has taken into consideration the cultural and social effect of social gaming in the industry for both operators and players alike while conducting the research.