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Indiana Casinos Losing Revenue to Neighbouring States

Indiana Casinos Losing Revenue to Neighbouring States

The land-based casino industry is massive in the US, due to most states not having any legal online offerings and with such a big player base, many states and companies are making a fortune offering legal casino games.


One of those states is Indiana, where players have been able to go and play casino games for a long time, with no offerings anywhere nearby. This had driven the revenues up to extremely high numbers for a long period of time, which made the casinos thrive as they should, but that has now come to an end.


With the competition from the neighbouring states that has increased in the past couple of years, the casinos in Indiana has lost more than $110 million in revenues. This has caused some major problems for some of the casinos, who now have to lay of some personnel or save money in other areas.


The local casinos has asked to their local politicians to help them find a solution to the issue, to increase revenues once again.

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