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Income Access Launches Mobile App-Tracking Solution

Income Access Launches Mobile App Tracking Solution

Income Access, one of the world's leading providers of innovative technology and affiliate management platforms, announced today that they have launched their mobile app-tracking solution. The new app-tracking solution can track player acquisition from the applications of casino and bingo operators, as well as poker.


The launch has been anticipated for months, with plenty of beta testing being done and awaiting that Apple would allow iGaming applications back into their Apple App Store. Apple allowed iGaming affiliates apps in their store from November 25th this year, while previously only allowing apps to be available to markets where the operator held official licenses.


The application has been made as a response to the massive mobile growth the iGaming industry has experienced in the past years, allowing operators to track their mobile customers and acquisitions just like their would normally do through desktop pc's. Players’ complete mobile journeys can now be tracked – from their first click on a banner or PPC ad promoting an app to app downloads, installs, registrations, deposits and device information.


In Q1 of 2014 we saw player acquisition via the mobile channel hit 40% and it’s continued to rise over the rest of the year, suggesting that cross-channel acquisition is the industry’s future,” said Nicky Senyard, founder and CEO of Income Access. “Responding to the mobile trend, we’ve transformed our platform into an integrated acquisition-tracking technology capable of streamlining each and every channel – with Income Access, the acquisition whole is now greater than the sum of its parts.” 

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