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Illinois to Consider Legalizing Online Gambling

Illinois to Consider Legalizing Online Gambling

There are at the moment at least 10 states within the American Union which are considering legalizing online gambling and poker. Illinois is the latest in the list of states which might be coming up with a bill to legalize or expand such projects.

According to a study from Gambling Compliance, the group that surveys gamboing laws across the globe, there is a small possibility that a national law could come into place to regulate online gaming. As usual, there is much opposition to be expected from anti-online-gambling groups like Adelson's and Wynn's coallition.

The states which are considering allowing online gambling include Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Iowa, Louisiana, Hawaii, Colorado, California and of course Illinois. California is perhaps the most important state out this list since it represents one of the most populous markets. Many Native American tribes are also pursuing a chance to be allowed to offer online gambling from within their reservations.

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