| On 8 years ago

IDology is Ultimate Poker’s new verification provider


It was announced earlier this week that IDology in now Ultimate Poker’s new player verification provider, replacing iovation. Originally, Verifi outsourced this service to iovation but, players requested Ultimate Poker to stop using iovation as the service provider.

Back in a press release in 2008, it was informed that IDology and iovation teamed up. Greg Pierson, Iovation CEO, said that this partnership will “significantly raise the bar for fraudsters”. However, according to iovation’s website, this partnership is still alive showing IDology as an active partner at iovation.com.

If this is so, it means that it is possible that IDology is using iovation’s Device Reputation Service in its Ultimate Poker player verification process. It is also known that Iovation also partnered with Absolute Poker a few years back.