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Historic Moulin Rouge Casino Could Make a Comeback

Historic Moulin Rouge Casino Could Make a Comeback

The first integrated hotel-casino in Las Vegas, Moulin Rouge, could make a comeback soon. The County Commission has recently publicized that they would not be pursuing the sale but leaving the future of the historic property up on offer.

 Earlier, the historic Moulin Rouge was on its way to become the new home for the Department of Family Services. After the receiver Kevin Hatchett recommended $6.2M offer to be accepted, a judge had awarded the hot property to the County.

 Moulin Rouge, opened in 1955, is the first desegregated hotel Las Vegas. The casino was closed to the public just after 6 months of operations due to financial problems. Since then, it has been a long wait of six decades for enthusiasts to check-in at the hotel-cum-casino. In the meantime, the casino has suffered major fires in 2003 and 2009, which has left only a portion of the two-story hotel. In 2010, the front facade and iconic tower were also demolished owing to safety reasons.

 Scott Johnson takes charge as the next developer in line for the casino and has revealed his plans for the funding to make it happen. He tells that the plan of Hotel/Casino/shopping centre has been drawn up for almost a decade now.

 On the Commission’s announcement, Johnson said, “We were excited. When they announced they were going to strike item 42, I thought wow this could work out good.” Next, Johnson will go in front of a judge to fight for the sale.

 The well-known Las Vegas architect Edward Vance is remodelling the property. He is excited about the project and suggests that Moulin Rouge is unique because of the combination of promise, location, and historical value. According to Vance, “Whoever buys this property is the keeper of a powerful past, and they have quite a responsibility to pay tribute to it.”