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GTA Online Comes Up With The Diamond Program

GTA Online Comes Up With The Diamond Program

GTA Online Diamond Casino and Resort comes up with the exclusive offer andrewards for the members with luxury living in Los Santos for Silver Status VIPMembership on July 23 which would become the premium place ofEntertainment. To celebrate the grand opening of their new program, they willtake the VIP membership status to the new level with different perk and rewards.Participants can take action before August 07 to experience the offer.

Silver Status

To Silver status VIP Membership that will get you a “She’s Loaded “artwork for a wall and a swanky classic diamond t-shirt.

Gold Status

If the silver status participant helps Tao Cheng to protect The Diamond from a corrupt family of Texan magnates can complete the second co-mission, and will be upgrade to Gold Status, and this will unlock a new livery for the Truffade Thrax supercar and a similar Tee.

Platinum Status

Here you can earn the title through dirty work with five casino mission for the head ofoperation Agatha Baker who will get you the Lucky 7s Tattoos and the CasinoStore’s Special accessory.

Diamond Status

All the Platinum member who completed all casino missions will get a livery for the Annis S80RR supercar, where the members who hosted the missions will get the exclusive livery for a highly coveted brand-new vehicle. So, come and work together and complete the mission to unlock both. Try it now the offer is valid from July 23 until August 07.