| On 4 years ago

Grand E-Sports Arena to Open in Vegas


This week will see the official opening of the Millennial E-Sports arena downtown Las Vegas. The 15,000 square foot establishment is going to host e-sports tournaments, kicking off with the qualifying games for the Halo World Championship, and a Madden tournament to be held later in March.

The current trend for casinos is to orientate towards competitive gaming to attract the segment of “millennial” players who grew up with gaming machines. Claiming the title “a world capital of entertainment”, Las Vegas is re-inventing itself to incorporate the new approach.

According to GameCo CEO Blaine Graboyes whose VGM project went live in Atlantic City last year, “A majority of players to date have been under 40 years old, which is great for the casinos’ goals to bring in a younger audience. And we’ve seen that skill-based games can meet or beat floor averages, as long as the right players are there.”

ESIC (The E-Sports Intergrity Coalition) has recently hosted its first Future of E-Sports summit in Vegas. Clearly, the city is jumping on the bandwagon and positioning itself to welcome the growing e-sports industry.