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Gibraltar wants share of the US online gambling market

Gibraltar wants share of the US online gambling market

Ever since the United States changed its stance on online gambling and individual states started regulating online gambling, the tiny island of Gibraltar has started setting its sights on the potentially lucrative market which might be about to become available.

Gibraltar currently oversees around 60% of all global online casino and poker companies and the head of Gibraltar's government, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, has been showing interest in the new emerging market. Picard stated "Gibraltar is the largest jurisdiction in the world, the most successful jurisdiction in the world in the provision of online gaming. Online gaming is a burgeoning part of e-commerce and Gibraltar is at the forefront of that."

There are over 25 online gambling companies and operators registered in Gibraltar including some of the most powerful British online sportsbooks, casinos and poker companies which enjoy the low tax rates and economic benefits the tiny territory offers its clients. According to Picard, "Gibraltar can demonstrate to each of the states of the United States that we have been respectful of its laws and that this demonstrates how regulated the industry is in Gibraltar."

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