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GameCo’s VGMsMoving Ahead Towards Conquering Las Vegas

GameCo s VGMsMoving Ahead Towards Conquering Las Vegas

GameCo Inc., a prominent video game machine manufacturer, has been certified by Gaming Laboratories International.

The license makes it possible for the company to sell its machines across U.S. states which allow slot machines and electronic table games. However, GameCo will still need regulatory clearance from authorities in Nevada before its VGMs can be introduced in Las Vegas casinos.

The GLI-11 certificate awarded to GameCo is the world’s most recognized gaming standard.

The company’s proprietary VGM uses a console similar to video games and maintains identical casino economics as a slot machine but relies on skill for determining payout and winnings. Currently the VGM is available in Atlantic City’s casinos owned by Caesars Entertainment.

GameCo’s immediate plans for a month ahead have to do with obtaining regulatory approval to operate in Connecticut.

The three games currently offered by the company are “Danger Arena”, “Pharaoh’s Secret Temple” and “Nothing But Net” but two more varieties based on the television drama series “Vikings” and western movie “Hang ‘Em High” are in the pipeline.