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Full Tilt's New Identity Brand

Full Tilt's New Identity Brand

Rational Group released a number of casino games through its Full Tilt Poker brand earlier this month, which will be rebranded as Full Tilt Casino very soon. The first trial of games includes European Roulette and Blackjack but will soon be followed by a sleuth of online casino games.

PokerStars, also belonging to Rational Group, will remin an exclusively poker related brand. Full Tilt Casino will feature also a number of online slots games, developed by popular Bahamas-based online casino platform, Leander Games.

Full Tilt Poker will slowly fade out and integrate evolve into Full Tilt Casino once the domain name has been released worldwide. Players who enjoy playing casino games along with poker can stay and continue playing at FTC and players who want to have only poker options can make a move over to PokerStars using the software's easy navigation tool.

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