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Fixed Odds Betting Terminals Wagering £500K a Day in Scotland

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals Wagering 500K a Day in Scotland

Fixed odds betting terminals has become the new thing for betting shops to invest a fortune in, as the machines lure in loads of players every single day who tries out their luck on the machines. Unfortunately for most players, they are addicted to the machine and former addicts describes the FOBT machines as the "crack cocaine" of gambling.

So when a recent study made in Scotland showed that the machines wagers over £200 million a year, spread over 800 machines in 200 bookmakers across the country, it was clear that they are becoming an issue for society. The machines are now a much more reliable and easy source of income for the bookmakers and thus they invest more and more money into these, whilst getting more people addicted to them.

Scotland are not trying to ban the machines for now however, as the study needs to studied in-depth to find the exact impact on society first. However the government are aware of the fact that the current regulations surrounding these machines are not sufficient to protect people and thus needs to be changed.

Amongst the idea's coming from some of the men in charge is to lower the maximum bet amount on the machines significantly as well as ban betting shops from high streets, to ensure that the cities will not be full of bookies trying to take money from the citizens.

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