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Fire in Casino in Sydney

Fire in Casino in Sydney

A fire has broken out in a new casino construction in Sydney's Barangaroo, evacuating several hundred workers of the casino and from other nearby buildings. Right now the biggest concern is no longer about the safety of the people at the place of the fire, but instead on the massive crane that is right next to the casino.

"Our big concern is the crane collapsing. Crane collapses can be quite dramatic, they tend to twist and topple over. That twist means we can't predict where it will fall." Said NSW Fire and Rescue Spokesman Superintendent Ian Krimmer to Australian press. He also told the press that the fire fighters are currently pointing lasers towards the crane to see any movements made by it.

When asked what caused the fire, Krimmer told the press that he is not aware of that yet and:

"We can't get into that basement here, it's too hot and smoky. Thermal imaging cameras aren't showing us anything at the moment."

And continued

"It's a difficult operation for our crews, it's extremely humid. We are having to rotate those firefighters regularly so it is quite a large operation."

Everyone working on the construction site has been accounted for, meaning that there has been no casualties reported so far.

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