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Dutch Casino Players Temporarily Face Hike In Gambling Tax

Dutch Casino Players Temporarily Face Hike In Gambling Tax

New tax rate will see another drop once the bill passes and the operators will pay 30.1% as opposed to the previous 29%

In Holland, a temporary rise in 1.1% casino tax has been initiated after a series of delays related to agreement on bill’s provisions and political uncertainty which will further provide an open gate to the country’s gambling sector to overseas operators in a regulated market.

But the measure is not permanent, and the rate will resume to its previous percentage once the bill is passed. Holland’s government announced its 2018 budget plans and the tax hike for gamblers on Tuesday.

There will be a rise of 30.1% from 29% until six months after the gambling bill is signed into law. The six-month stretch will allow the Dutch Gaming Authority to fix the required adjustments developing from the new gambling law.

Gaining popularity in Netherlands, iGaming is one such example where despite it being so famous it is losing its charm due to improper management and working in a grey area with the Dutch regulatory aiming to make it very difficult for unregulated operators to focus Dutch players.

The new bill will change the scenario of the current rules and regulations and the Dutch authority Kasspelautoriteit will introduce new laws in the way igaming services are provided in an unregulated environment.

Despite opposition from Betson, however, the court is still in favour of the Dutch authority this month. If everything works smoothly the bill will pass into the law at the beginning of July next year which means that the operators gambling tax will drop down to its 29% rate by first of January 2019.