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Drunk Gambler Loses $500k And Sues Las Vegas Casino

Drunk Gambler Loses 500k And Sues Las Vegas Casino

The stories about people losing at casinos and suing them for it keep piling up as we just uncovered another one. According to a report by the Associated Press a 52-year old man named Mark Johnston lost $550,000 while gambling in a Las Vegas casino and now he’s claiming he doesn’t have to pay his tab.

The casino in question, the Downtown Grand Casino, was where it all went wrong for the man from Ventura, California during Super Bowl weekend this past February. Johnston, a businessman, argued that because of his state of mind he’s not responsible for the losses he racked up.

So far it seems like Johnston has at least some hope as Nevada law outlawed casinos from letting obviously drunk individuals gamble their life away. Also, casinos are not allowed to keep serving players who are obviously too drunk to judge their actions.

On top of not wanting to pay his debt Johnston also sued the casino for sullying him name. Johnston seeks damages, as his blemished name could hurt his real estate business back in California.

The Grand Casino issued a statement they will not comment on a pending investigation. The Nevada Gaming Board commented in a statement and called it ‘an extraordinary case’. Johnston’s lawyer, Sean Lyttle, called this an ‘extraordinary case’ because the casino kept serving him drinks even though he was not able to see his cards. Johnston also received a bigger marker during this night and the next day he was made aware how much damage he had done to his credit card.

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