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Donald Trump’s 30-Year-Old Sydney Casino Proposal Rejected Over Mafia Ties

Donald Trump s 30 Year Old Sydney Casino Proposal Rejected Over Mafia Ties

Donald Trump’s thirty years old bid to build Sydney’s first casino was rejected as he was suspected to have links with the mafia.

The news came up on Wednesday morning by the News Corp, revealing that the police warned the state govt against approving the bid to operate a casino in the Darling Harbour. The project was in partnership with Queensland construction company Kern and was one of the four groups along with Donald trump to start the project.

It was later on dumped on May 5, 1987, along with two other bidders. During that time Ken Booth, the state treasurer announced to eliminate the three tenders namely; HKMS consortium, the federal Sabemo- Consortium and the Kern-Trump consortium. Booth made it confidential, and the public was not informed of the concern of NSW government since according to him it was a commercially sensitive material to be told out loud.

Recently the summaries of various reports on the Kern/Trump bid have come to light. The cabinet papers also discuss the viability of Kern/Trump bid which was doubtful, as a report of an independent contractor, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce found that the bid was “not financially viable”.

The Kern-Trump bid was considered unacceptable and marked “dangerous” by the police board. The report also found that the revenues floor casino were overstated and financially not viable. However, the darling harbour authority was very supportive of Kern/Trump casino design and found it rich, attractive and well integrated with a strong public appeal.

Rev Fred Nile, a sitting member of NSW upper house, is the biggest critic of the proposed casino till date. He described it as a ‘disaster’ and insisted the NSW govt to scrap the casino entirely. He also told Guardian Australia about the possible concerns regarding the criminal links with the planned casino. According to him, the casino would have attracted prostitution and other things and also strongly opposed the use of poker machines.