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Detroit Teacher Uses More Than $30,000 Of School Funds To Play At Casino

Detroit Teacher Uses More Than 30 000 Of School Funds To Play At Casino

A high school Spanish teacher in Detroit is accused of stealing more than $30,000 from the students’ funds collected for various events, spending it all at the casino.

Lydia Johnson, 29, Dakota High School, is charged with embezzlement after the school authorities claimed she stole more than $30,000 to play slots at the MGM Grand Detroit Casino. Johnson was in charge of the high school’s homecoming dance and the camping trip.

According to the Macomb County authorities, the ticket sales would have neared $30,000, based on the attendance, but Johnson deposited only $11,000 into the Homecoming account of the school. Further, Johnson was also responsible for the ticket sales and receipts, in which she deposited only $500 to the school out of $13,000.

Several casino receipts were found in a classroom search, near the open and empty homecoming envelopes. As per the allegations of the prosecutor's office, Johnson has spent more than $90,000 at the MGM Casino in 2016.

She was put on administrative leave on May 3, after discovering discrepancies in the school’s activities fund. Johnson was charged on Thursday with a bond of $10,000 set on her. Her next hearing in the court is dated on October 5. She could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted of her felony.